Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My sister Lisa


I am sorry it has been so long since my last post!
So many things have gone on since I last wrote anything....
My sweet and beautiful sister Lisa passed just 3 weeks ago and I have been so heartbroken, it has taken everything I've got to just function. I can't say it was a shock that she passed, but it was certainly unexpected at the time. She had suffered with cancer for over 5 years and was becoming so week, we knew it was coming but I guess you are just never prepared for it. And it happened so fast. I had prayed for so long that if she was to not be healed of this terrible disease that she would not suffer and that when it was time for her to go it would come quickly, God answered that prayer.
Although, I know she was suffering, she never gave in to it, she continued on for as long as she could with life as normal as it could possibly be. She wanted her boys to have a regular home atmosphere and not focus on her illness. But she did in fact suffer, in silence and still manage to keep things basically "normal". She had gotten down to just a mere 90 lbs. and still cooked dinner and kept her house. She wouldn't let us help her because that would make the boys think she was getting sicker.
We had actually made a trip to Florida just the week prior to her death. She was determined to go....we couldn't stop her! So mom and I went with her and the boys, so that she could have one last trip to her beloved beach. O how she loved Florida!
But as soon as we got back home, she just couldn't go any further and it was time.
God took her home on July 3, 2012 just two days after we returned.
And now we are left to carry on without her. I have had to force myself to get on with life and not be sad. I know that is not what she would want. She loved shopping at the thrift stores, probably even more than me. Mom and I made a special trip to one of our favorite stores yesterday in honor of her. It was hard to has always been the 3 of us. Me, mom and Lisa...the 3 stooges, the 3 thrifters! She would have been thrilled yesterday, the store had some great bargains...I saw so many things I would have shown her, talked to her about. I want to tell her about what I bought, laugh with her and gripe about how hot it has been here. I want to go have lunch with her and call her on the phone! But I can't.
It will get better, eventually. Because I know where she is. My sister Lisa is in heaven with our Lord. I know this because of my faith, I know it in my heart. And that is what keeps me going. I know I will see her again someday and it will be a great and happy reunion!