Friday, March 30, 2012

Bluebonnets and Long Horns

The Bluebonnets are out!

The Texas bluebonnets are in full bloom right now and this has been a perfect seasons for them. Where I live there are so many blooming right now. We have been blessed with a great crop out by the pond and out at the old wagon. I love seeing them all mixed in with the Red Indian Paintbrushes and other wildflowers. I won't even let Mr. Little mow the pastures until after all the spring flowers have bloomed. A sure sign of Spring!

Our long horns are out at the pond relaxing. Thats Big Dude and Little Girl. Little Girl just gave birth to her first little bull calf.... I think we might call him "Jr.".

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Studio


Today I thought I would show you all some pics of my so-called "studio". It's actually a spare bedroom that I have converted into a studio. I am so lucky to have the space! We have a very large house and none of my children live at home anymore...but I do have to have a room for when my daughter and family come to stay. And the sweetest grandchildren in the world need a, there is just one spare bedroom left and I claimed it for my own! Poor Mr. Little will have to be happy with the barn! Even though I do have quite a bit of stuff stored in the barn also, as well as the garage and the attic and.... well just about everywhere! He does have a small spot in the barn that I let him call his own!

I hope you enjoyed seeing where I like to get creative. It is a mess, but I do get some things done in there!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bargain of the Week


I thought today I would show you a pic of my "bargain of the week". I love to shop at thrift store, flea markets, junk name it. I rarely will pass up a thrift store if it's in my line of view! I happen to have the good fortune to live close to the best flea market in Texas, Canton's First Monday. Which I shop every month! I don't usually go to some of the other big fleas in Texas, like Warrenton for instance. I have never been there. I just don't like big crowds and the high prices. I should go someday though, just to see what it's like!
But I do love to shop at First Monday flea market. I go on Thursdays when there aren't so many people. I consider myself a more serious shopper. I know just about what I'm looking for and I can skim over most booths in a few minutes and know if there is something I like or not. I don't dress up in my lacy cute clothes with my hair and make-up done. I wear my most comfortable clothes and shoes, my hair is up and I'm ready for the hunt! My mom and I usually shop together, so we both are on the look out for the things we know we like. With two of us, we can find the best bargains.

This is one of my great buys I got the last time I was at First Monday. Actually, Mr. Little was with us and he found this great buy!  It was just sitting there on the $1.00 table when he spotted it. He showed it to me and said it was only one dollar...I balked in disbelief...but the owner confirmed it was indeed just $1.00! Well, of course I had to have it! Even though I wasn't even thinking "vintage phone". But I love it and it fits in just great with our "live a little vintage" lifestyle . Sometimes it really pays to have a third set of eyes!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello and welcome to my Live a Little Vintage blog!

I am trying to figure all this blogging stuff out and I have to admit, it is somewhat frustrating to me!
I am not very computer literate and my skills are quite lacking. So I hope you don't mind if I learn as I go. I am finally happy with my blog name, I have tried so many others and they just didn't ever sound right for me. But I finally came up with this name and I think I really do like it! I think it describes me best.

I actually do "live a little vintage". In my everyday life I use and work with vintage things that I have had for years, things that I have bought at thrift stores or things that my mom has given me. I try to incorporate vintage into my life as much as possible. I don't usually wear a lot of vintage clothing, unless you count the jeans I have had forever. I do love vintage clothing though, but alas, I am no longer the size to fit into most vintage items. I guess that is why I sell it now! I have always loved it and can't help myself when I come across a gorgeous piece of vintage clothing at the thrift store...I have to buy it! I love most anything that is old, junky, or falling apart.

I have so many projects going, I will never finish them all! But that's ok! My hubby, Mr. Little, doesn't seem to mind too much. He does gripe a little when the garage is total a wreck and he can't find his tools. But other than that he is pretty much good with it! He usually helps me recreate something old into a new and completely different piece. He may not always get my ideas, but we somehow manage to work it out.

Anyway, I hope you will like my blog and want to follow along as I keep track of my vintage musings.