Monday, March 26, 2012

Bargain of the Week


I thought today I would show you a pic of my "bargain of the week". I love to shop at thrift store, flea markets, junk name it. I rarely will pass up a thrift store if it's in my line of view! I happen to have the good fortune to live close to the best flea market in Texas, Canton's First Monday. Which I shop every month! I don't usually go to some of the other big fleas in Texas, like Warrenton for instance. I have never been there. I just don't like big crowds and the high prices. I should go someday though, just to see what it's like!
But I do love to shop at First Monday flea market. I go on Thursdays when there aren't so many people. I consider myself a more serious shopper. I know just about what I'm looking for and I can skim over most booths in a few minutes and know if there is something I like or not. I don't dress up in my lacy cute clothes with my hair and make-up done. I wear my most comfortable clothes and shoes, my hair is up and I'm ready for the hunt! My mom and I usually shop together, so we both are on the look out for the things we know we like. With two of us, we can find the best bargains.

This is one of my great buys I got the last time I was at First Monday. Actually, Mr. Little was with us and he found this great buy!  It was just sitting there on the $1.00 table when he spotted it. He showed it to me and said it was only one dollar...I balked in disbelief...but the owner confirmed it was indeed just $1.00! Well, of course I had to have it! Even though I wasn't even thinking "vintage phone". But I love it and it fits in just great with our "live a little vintage" lifestyle . Sometimes it really pays to have a third set of eyes!

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